Are you walking into the unknown today?

There are times in everyone’s life when we simply don’t know what we’re about to be facing. A frightening diagnosis, a new job, and fresh and painful breakup: our lives are filled with moments of uncertainty about the future. I invite you to take 3 minutes to claim the natural courage within yourself, and stand firm in your willingness to face whatever comes next.

Affirm your courage as you accept an uneasy or unknown path…

Today I look ahead to the path that lies before me.

I may not feel brave, but I know that bravery is about choosing to act in spite of my fear.

My fear is allowed to come on this journey, and there is a place for it within me, but it will not be the driver or the chooser. I will listen to my fear’s voice, just as I listen to the other emotions in my heart of hearts.

Each of my feelings has a brightly colored bowl to rest in. I take a moment to sit without judgement before each one.

Red for my frustration and anger.

Blue for my sadness and grief.

Purple for my fear and frustration.

Orange for my anxiety and nervousness.

Yellow for my joy and serenity.

Green for my hope and trust.

All these things have a place inside me, and I have a place in the universe, which yearns and works for my good.

Even though I feel unsteady, I will be walking into the unknown.

Everything I know, everything I feel, everything I am goes with me.

And I am not alone.

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Thank you for joining me. May your courage and bravery be in full supply today.

Claire Casey