Are you experiencing an overload of noise and distraction?

Although you may not have control over the noises outside and around you, you do have the option of calming and clearing your inner state. Take 3 minutes to tune out noise and distractions. When you quiet your inner architecture, you can receive the rest and renewal you need in order to think clearly and purposefully about the true direction your heart desires.

An earth fountain meditation to help you tune out noise, and rediscover your focus

As a green leaf is connected to the branch, so I feel my feet firmly connected with the solid ground beneath me.

I take a moment to experience the groundedness of the earth pulsing with great, slow, planet-sized heartbeats.

With each earth-pulse, green and gold energy flows naturally up through my feet…

into the strong, supple trunk of my body…

out along my arms and into my outspread fingers…

and further up through the crown of my head.

Each earth pulse spouts up, and curves gracefully out and around me, creating a gold fountain, of which I am the center.

I feel my breath align with the pulse of the earth, the rhythm of this fountain.

In every direction, it is as if I am viewing the world from behind a waterfall.

The world outside is there, but the powerful rush of the waterfall is all I hear.

It is a soothing sound, filled with ancient energy.

I hold my hands palms up, and slowly bring them together until they form a cup.

Safe and strong within my earth fountain, I feel a gift form within my cupped hands.
This gift, when I see it, will remind me of my true focus.

I wait here until I am ready to carry my gift back out into the world.

Have you ever struggled with feeling “not good enough”?

When you’re cut off from a steady flow of self-love, you begin to forget what a beautiful life looks and feels like. DON’T let your dreams for life slip away…

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Thank you for joining me. May the gift of your renewed energy and focus feel solid and true within you.

Claire Casey