Would you like to slow down and recover your breath?

It isn’t always easy to slow down. Sometimes it feels like the world demands that you rush. But the pace our culture (or our friends and family) demand from you are not always the best thing for you. Sometimes you just need to slow down and re-center.

I invite you to take the next 3 minutes with me to get grounded again, and find the pace that nourishes and sustains your soul.

An Affirmation to Help Slow Down The Pace of Your Life

By making a conscious decision to slow down in this moment, maybe for this day, I am gently bringing myself into the present moment, grounding myself in what is happening right now.

And that’s enough. The future will unfold, and I don’t have to be the power or engine behind that unfolding. My call is simply to be here, now. Not in the past, not in the future, but in the now.

I am a holy net that allows the waves to pass through me, without carrying me away or tearing the fabric of my being.

As I breathe through each wave, I slow my thinking. I slow my worries. I slow my movements. I float securely in the warm tide of the universe, and the stars above me are beautiful.

I feel my energy gently building up again within me.

This is the glowing, healthy energy that is my birthright. It will power me at the speed that is right for me. Today I will breathe at my own pace, speak and work at my own pace, love at my own pace.

This is good, and nourishing, and enough.

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Thanks for joining me. May your journey be at a pace which give you joy.

Claire Casey