Are you in a place where you need healing?

When there is an illness in your body, our default can sometimes be to complain, whine, or simply submit to misery. But what if instead you were to take extra time to emotionally nourish yourself with the right kinds of attention? What if you were able to simply name the pain and dis-ease, and send the most powerful healing agent of the universe — pure love — toward your own body and spirit? Take 3 minutes right now to channel the power of radiant, encompassing love through your thoughts and your body…

Call on the greatest power of the universe for your healing…

Today I acknowledge that I am sick, but I also claim this moment for another, stronger power to flow through me.

As I begin to find my holy center, I breathe in slowly and fully through my nose, and exhale through my mouth. This builds a bright circle of life-giving air, a cycle of oxygen and health.

Even though my eyes are closed, I begin to sense a shimmering of tiny flowing lights around me, the sparkling of a thousand colors of healing light.

The circle of my breath glows as I breathe in, and my body and spirit know how to pull that rainbow of light into my circulatory system, my respiratory system, my digestive processes, and the electrical and chemical systems that help me live.

Each time I breathe in, the air is rich in healing gifts of luminous color. I am breathing a rainbow of love and healing.

As I release each breath, I return myself to openness for the next inflow of glimmering healing gifts.

I am safe and protected as I breathe and shine and hum.

Have you ever struggled with feeling “not good enough”?

When you’re cut off from a steady flow of self-love, you begin to forget what a beautiful life looks and feels like. DON’T let your dreams for life slip away…

Come see the gentle pathway back to all you ever wanted for yourself at

Thank you for joining me. May nothing separate you from the love of the universe.

Claire Casey