Do you need to commit to a choice today?

Sometimes when you face an important choice, you spend so much of your time second-guessing yourself that you become paralyzed with indecision or worry. I invite you to take 3 minutes to trust in the wisdom you’ve already gathered around this choice, and commit yourself to the future that will come. Find peace as you commit to a choice…

Find peace as you commit to a choice…

I’m doing the best I can in this situation.

Some things in life simply aren’t simple. In fact, they are much more often complex, and nuanced, and even tangled.

I know what I don’t know.

Wisdom will grow in me as I humbly accept that I don’t know all the right decisions to make all the time.

Wisdom comes with experience.

I have gathered what information I can about this choice, and now I allow that choice to sit within me, gently shining.

It may be a hard choice, but just for this moment I accept that it’s a hard choice, and I allow the clamoring voices of all the other choices to fade.

This will be my choice.

I commit to this choice because even if it’s painful, it embodies the most hope, the most good, the most truth.

I release my fear of the known, and the unknown, and rest in this place of peace.

No matter what happens after I release this choice into the world, I will eventually make my way forward.

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Claire Casey