Do you feel overwhelmed in your life or day?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. And you are well worth the 3 minutes it takes to stop, ground yourself, breathe deeply, and remind yourself of the power and holiness of your journey, even in the midst of overload…

An Affirmation for Letting Go and Letting Be

Today I let go of all pictures in my mind of past failures and losses. I’m not throwing them away, simply bundling them gently together and tucking them away inside a quiet spot in my inner heart.

I release the tension, judgements, pain, anger, or feelings of unworthiness in my body and mind, letting it drift away like so much cool mist.

I let go of the need to be perfect.

I let go of my need to be certain of the future.

I am created with both light and dark and every color of inner beauty, and I am well and wonderfully made. I have gifts and imperfections and amazing songs inside me the world has never heard.

I have the strength to face the challenges before me.

I am worthy of love and respect.

I claim this inner place of peace and strength. This is a holy place on my journey. Here I will stand. Here I will rest. Here I will thrive.

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Thanks for joining me. Warm, fierce love to you.

Claire Casey