You ARE a fierce gift, no matter what other messages you’re receiving…

It can be overwhelming sometimes, this message that you need to do/fix/be/love MORE. Sometimes you become exhausted – and that makes it difficult for your spirit to grow. But you are a fierce gift in the world, even if you aren’t meeting everyone else’s expectations. Today I want to help you affirm who and what a wonderful creature you are.

For Claiming What A Fierce Gift in the World You Are

I an amazing woman, a fierce gift, a beautiful gift in the world.

Yes, I’ve had rough days and difficult seasons. There are times when my inner light seems to be dimmed, or even no longer burning.

It’s easy to forget what kind of woman I was made to be, what the universe dreams for me to become.

The truth is that I was built of light and joy and designed to be a gift of fierce good in the world.

I was born beautiful, and no one can deny that in any way that has power. I reject ANY claim that I am not beautiful and worthwhile.

I’ve never been ordinary. No one else can be what I am, no one else adds quite the flavor and spice.

The world will be forever changed by both the bright sunshine AND cool, refreshing darkness that I create, just by being here.

Even when I struggle to love and appreciate myself, today I claim the ferocious power and beauty that I am.

I am unusual, certainly.

I am unforgettable, definitely.

I am entirely enough.

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Thanks for joining me. May the world receive you with joy today.

Claire Casey