How to open your inner eyes to a fresh perspective

It’s natural to look at something from your own perspective, to think about how a particular event or circumstance affects you or impacts your life. But sometimes you can get out of an emotional or relationship roadblock by thinking of how it all looks from a different angle. Take 3 minutes to center yourself, and mentally open to the power of a fresh perspective, to understand how something might look and feel entirely different if you just take one mental step in a different direction…

Accessing the gift of a different view of things

Today I am in the middle of a very specific situation, but I am seeking a fresh perspective.

I breathe deeply, allow my feet to rest firmly on the ground and using my inner vision, I look around at my situation.

Calmly I note the different things I see.

Because strong emotions sometimes create clouds around the truth, I note each strong emotion I feel about this situation.

As I name each strong emotion, the cloud of that emotion flows gently to the side and the air becomes clearer.

As these emotions depart, I am able to see some of the facts more clearly. They stand around me like stones. I don’t have to name each one, only be aware that these stones are arranged in a particular pattern. Some are clustered together over here, others are farther apart over there.

Now I take one step.

The arrangement of stones looks slightly different now; not because they have moved, but because I have.

This, then, is the secret gift of moving away from my own position.

Each time I exert the energy to shift, to move, or to grow, the facts of my situation look different.

Today I am grateful for the gift of movement, and for the gift of a new perspective.

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Thank you for joining me. May your insights be accompanied by fresh energy and resolution today.

Claire Casey