Sometimes you struggle to believe in yourself…

Sometimes your self-respect disappears under the weight of your burdens and your desire to please others. Take 3 minutes to once again find your inner beauty — where it’s only hidden, not gone — and restore your own love and caring for yourself.

An affirmation for glowing self-respect

I am a fierce, beautiful woman.

I have my share of scars and struggles.

There are times when I lose all my self love and self-respect in an ocean of sorrows, demands, or the desire to be loved by others.

But today, right now, I will love myself.

Because I am a fierce, beautiful woman, creatively and uniquely made and filled with a light that cannot be extinguished, even if it does get covered up sometimes.

This light was molded into my bones when I was made. When I say “I am worthwhile, and I am enough,” my inner structure straightens up a bit, and remembers pride. The light begins to glow again.

Today when I experience the demands or critiques of those around me, I will turn them carefully in my hands and ask “Does this belong to me?”

Because if it doesn’t, I will smile and return it to the ocean, which will perhaps deliver it to another shore.

Today I will not compare myself to others. Instead I choose to love myself body, soul, and spirit. I will look for the good inside myself, polish the beauty inside myself, and allow my inner light to rise up from within, and make my footprints glow as I walk.

My radiance cannot be contained by my skin. Everywhere I go today I leave patterns of light.

All my ferocious, beautiful love and self-respect is in full shine today.

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Thank you for joining me. May your self-respect burn brightly and clear the shadows from your soul.

Claire Casey