Are you taking time to encourage a nourishing, healthy sexuality within yourself?

Radiantly healthy sexuality doesn’t just happen; it’s built up carefully and intentionally over time. Your sexuality is intricately tied to all of the other areas of your life, and is deeply rooted in your own self-esteem. No matter how hard it has been up to this point, I invite you to take 3 minutes right now to center your thoughts and claim the beautifully healthy sexuality that is your birthright, and can be claimed, and reclaimed.

Affirm your deep value and healthy sexuality…

I am a beautiful, radiant woman. I am wonderfully, miraculously made and the positive energy of the universe flows through me. I have so much love to offer the world.

I am deeply grateful for my sexuality. It’s not like anyone else’s in the world. It is uniquely mine, as special and beautiful as I am.

I resist comparing my sexuality with the needs and pleasures of others. I am confident and grateful for the way I am.

When I encounter a blockage within the positive flow of my sexual energy, I gently and willingly work to clear it.

I work to build trust with my partner so that he is aware of my needs and desires just as I learn his needs.

No matter how many mistakes I’ve made with regard to the love and care of my sexuality, today I choose maintain healthy sexual boundaries, and I don’t invest the whole of my heart or body outside those boundaries.

My healthy sexuality is a shining, radiant thing within me; I hold it in sacred trust, and honor it with loving care.

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Claire Casey