Patience doesn’t have to be low-energy or resigned…

Patience is about being anchored. And rather than being resigned or coming from an “I give up” place within yourself, patience can be very energetic and hope-filled. In order to get to this key gift to light up within you, take a moment to find a quiet place within yourself, and listen to this message.

An Affirmation for an Energetic, Hopeful Patience

Today I inhale deeply and slowly, and as I exhale, I gently release of my old ideas about patience.

I let go of the urgency and forward race that keeps me emotionally at risk, like a coin rolling too fast along the edge of a table.

With each deep breath, I slow my rate of moving, my desire to grab, solve, fix, know.

Today I claim rootedness.

Today I am anchored.

Like an ancient tree, I move in the wind, but am grounded and sustained by the earth.

My growth is quiet and beautiful. I lean into the sun, I drink up the rain, I dance and sleep according to the seasons. My roots slowly explore the earth, and grow around stones. I send my roots wide about me, and deep. If one should break, the others naturally hold things in place. I am supported in many ways.

I am attuned to the openings and closings of the natural order, the ebb and flow of life, the pulse of energy.

I am in right relationship with the world around me.

I am filled with energy, and good things are given to me.

I am filled with a joyful, hopeful patience.

I will endure.

I will thrive.

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Thanks for joining me. May your energy today feel calm and charged.

Claire Casey